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Whether it is Over-eating, Cigarettes, Alcohol It is Time to Give Yourself the Gift of Change

Updated: Nov 9

Firstly congratulations, as the first step to thinking about a life you would prefer to be leading, is the recognition that something has to change. The crux of it however ......

If you are here, it is not just health, it has crossed your mind what you actually spend on cigarettes, over-eating or drinking. It could be a whole holiday to be had; it is a brand new TV, new fridge and new washing machine combined! Let me guess, they are things that you say you can’t afford right. So the cost factor of your habit or addiction is a 'biggy'. Just ask yourself one question: if I can spend $500 a month on the wrong food or too much food / cigarettes / too much alcohol, why cannot instead invest in me ?

However I am not telling you anything you don’t already know. And I also imagine you have some guilt over this, which does not assist the problem at all. The biggest cost of all of course is to your health and well being. Both your physical and your mental health. The habits that are preventing you from living life to the full. Just as important to be aware of though, is that even though a habit is not an illness, an addiction is. So, you can stop the guilt. To have an addiction is not necessarily your fault, and stems from other causes. A habit just needs a diversion, an adjustment of thought processes. What is within your power ..... is doing something about it. As no matter how destructive habits have held you down til now, you have the ability to change your future. Most of my clients come from those of whom I have worked with referring me to others. Some I still chat to 6 months later as they give wonderful little updates on where there at now / total transformations.

It is likely methods you have tried previously have not addressed ‘why’. So of course they didn’t work. It is too much to ask for long term success if you don't address the underlying causes.

The process of kicking a habit and / or an addiction requires some commitment and determination. If you are ready for change, you will be able to go on and live a healthy life.

Below are just a few examples of what recovery could mean for you:

  • The real happiness and joy from having achieved something so significant

  • You will likely develop a new attitude to healthy living in general.

  • You will be proud and be able to leave any shame behind

Once you have made the decision to get help for and can take responsibility for the problem that has been affecting your life, you can begin your journey of being free from it. For most people there is a reason why you turn to addictions. Each time you feel anxious, each time you are bored, or simply because it has become this habit that you just turn to without thinking. The reason is twofold – habit yes – but the reason why you cannot break the habit often comes from somewhere else. This somewhere, could be through a lack of confidence; low self esteem; needing a familiar prop for comfort; internal fears and / or a sense of belonging when you are at social events, or bad habits from childhood.

Hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy addresses these underlying issues that may exist in order for you to be able to stop the habit, stop the addiction. If you don’t address the reasons you may kick the problem for a while yes, but its highly likely you will just adopt a different vice. There is a need for the issue to be addressed in a manner individual to you and the program I develop for you is different to the next person.

Please explore the rest of the website and don't hesitate to phone or use the contact tab below to book in your free initial 15 minute consultation. We go from there!

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