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Over-eating, Cigarettes or Alcohol Dependence? Give Yourself the Gift of Change

Updated: Mar 25

Struggling to get control of things for the longest time?

Frustrated that attempt after attempt is to no avail?

Firstly congratulations in taking a serious step toward a life you would prefer to be leading. The crux of debilitating habits ......

If you are here, it is likely not just for health reasons. Most people find that their negative or unhealthy habits are affecting those around them and at some point that becomes motivation for change.

I am sure you have imagined a life whereby you no longer sneak outside at restaurants or social gatherings to access that cigarette you think you need. A life where you can walk into any store and buy a piece of clothing you absolutely love without wondering if you look silly in it. To be able to breathe well, do a bush walk without being exhausted. Desiring all of those things is completely understandable. And, I am not lying to you or doing a hard sell to state it is completely within your grasp.

Importantly, stop the guilt. To have an addiction is not necessarily your fault, and can stem from many causes. That is where Hypnotherapy kicks in and why it is your best tool to conquering this. A habit needs a diversion, an adjustment of thought processes. No matter how destructive habits have held you down til now, you have the ability to change your future. So the only thing that is your fault is doing nothing about it. Most of my clients come from those of whom I have worked with referring me to others, as the programs have a very high success rate.

The process of kicking a habit and / or an addiction requires some commitment and determination. If you are ready for this change you have been waiting for for so long, we work together as a team over 4 weeks for the smoking and over-drinking program, and 5-6 for over-eating. Not a long time for changing habits that may have existed for years.

For most people there is a reason why have addictions or habits. It is a comfort if you feel anxious, or each time you are bored, or simply because it is this thing that you just turn to without thinking. It could be through a lack of confidence; low self esteem; needing a familiar prop for comfort; internal fears and / or a sense of belonging, or bad habits from childhood.

Hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy addresses the underlying issues that may exist in order for you to be able to live your best life. That is why quick fixes do not work long term. There is a need for the issue to be addressed in a manner individual to you and the program I develop for you is different to the next person.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the website and don't hesitate to phone or use the enquiries tab below to book in your free initial 15 minute consultation to ask any questions. We go from there!

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